Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Favorite Things.......

I read a blog this morning from a fellow blogger that I follow and she listed items that she liked for her readers to get to know her better, and I thought this would be a wonderful idea! So thank you Blogger for being an inspiration. I will give credit where credit is deserved! So to all my readers friends or strangers here are 10 things that I love besides God, Family, My Dog Levi, & Friends.

1. Photography – This is what I love! I love everything about photography and no I’m not a professional by no means, but having that camera in my hand and being able to capture stilled moments that bring back memories it’s such a wonderful feeling I get. I use to shoot with a 210 camera when I was younger and oh how I love that camera. So now not only do I do photography on the side other then my full-time job I also carry a camera with me no matter where I go. If it’s not my small point and shoot, my DSLR, or my phone. I love having those moments with friends, my vacations, or family to look back on.
2. Ski – This drink is my addiction. Every morning I must have one. I don’t try to drink them all the time bc they are so bad for you with so many calories in one can and unhealthy, but I love my ski!
3. Cardigan/Scarves – I could wear a cardigan and a scarf everyday! I love the layered look and love how you can dress up a cardigan or dress it down. I wear both these items a lot and my friends can tell you I have just about every color in both!

5. Heels – Beauty definitely is pain, but when your 5’4 it’s well worth it. I love the way it feels when I put heels on. I don’t wear them everyday bc since I am a realtor its hard to go out and show property wearing heels..trust me I’ve tried already! Plus I’m a little clumsy, but when it comes time to dress up you can guarantee that I have heels on!
6. Coach – I have several Coach Items and absolutely love their purses, wallets, perfume, & well everything! I love to shop at the Outlets bc most of the time you can receive a 20% discount off your purchase. If you go to a Coach store you may get a percentage off like once a year through a coupon in the mail, but you gotta spend $500.00 first. LOL! I have 7 Coach Purses right now and can’t seem to part from any of them right now.
7. Scrapbooking – I’m not that best of scrapbooking, but it goes hand in hand with my photography. I love to take pictures of friends, family & trips and be able to place them into something so special that I created myself. It also gives me a great way to be artsy with my CRICUT!
8. Longaberger – Oh how I love LONGAGER baskets & pottery. I have several several baskets and pottery items. These baskets are great for decorating, storing items in, and serving food in!
9. IPod – How could I not go a day without music? Really? I listen to everything! I mean everything! It gets my morning started with ski in hand and while im driving in my car my Ipod is plugged in and when I go to bed at night my Ipod is docked on the IHome…So without my Ipod I would have to listen to a radio full of commercials which I’m not a big fan of.
10. Scary Movies – Scarier the better, and if I haven’t seen it then I will. Love scary movies! Have been a fan since I can remember my mom watching “Tales from The Crep” or “Chucky”..I use to be scared and I won’t deny that…now I laugh at those movies that once scared me.
11. Christmas – My favorite holiday of the year! I start decorating the day after Halloween. I know everyone rushes Christmas and seems to not care about Thanksgiving. I do care about Thanksgiving, but what’s better then Christmas? It’s the time of year to spend with family & friends, trees decked in ornaments, houses lit up like a Griswold Christmas, shoppers running over one another and fighting over $1.00 towels on Black Friday, wonderful FOOD & candies, presents, and most of all celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Remember to keep the reason for the SEASON! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Life is a Ride

This was from last weeks photo session. Alex F. was definitely an amazing senior who is going to go far in life.  She was up for anything which made my job more fun!  Alex will go far   far in life and  that day her personality definately showed through in her pictures. She likes to enjoy the ride...isn't that what we all should do in our life? Enjoy the ride and live for the day...each day we receive is a blessing from above. Everyone have a great Monday!