Friday, January 7, 2011

*My Equipment*

So I wanted to share with everyone what kind of camera that I use and how much I love it! I first started out with a Canon Rebel Xsi! It was a great starter camera and when I purchased it however I didn't know that black was more professional then I ended up buying the silver one. A friend of mine who is an awesome photography Melissa C. she let me know that black was more professional looking when you are doing photography. So that was my first mistake in that camera purchase! I used the camera for a year and a half until I came to my decision to buy a more upscale camera with more megapixels and one that was black. I read reviews after reviews and at this time the T2i just came out and it had video with it, but I wasn't impressed. Just as I was looking up camera I ran across the 60D which is one of the newest additions to Canon. Oh boy was I excited! It of course was more out of my price range, but I knew it was the camera I wanted. So I had to have it!!! I ended up selling my Xsi bc it was Silver and will be purchasing another camera in the next year for back-up.
The Canon 60D as shown above came with an exceptional lense the 18-135mm! It's a great lense and 95% of the time thats the lense I use on it. I have a few other ones, but this is definatley my favorite lense right now.

After the purchase of my 60D I had to have a fabulous camera bag to go along with it! I had a Rebel camera bag that went with my Rebel camera so when I sold my camera I also sold the camera bag. I had wanted something different, something unique, and something LEATHER! So after a lot of thought process I orderd my first KELLY MOORE BAG! Yes, I said it KELLY MOORE!
This bag is so awesome! I'm able to fit my camera, lense hood, and two lenses, and one flash. Thats usually what I carry to every shoot. This is not including my extra bag in my car that includes backup batteries, camera cleaner, batteries for my flash, and candy for the kids! Gotta get those smiles somehow!

So winter is upon us here in ole not a fan! After Christmas I'm ready for warmer weather. So I dont usually do any sessions between now and March. So hurry up warm weather! I'm ready to photograph my clients! 

This year I want to try new locations for my sessions. It seems like I always end up going to the same ones. Hopefully I will get inspired for new locations before my sessions begin.

If you haven't had a chance to view my website it or you can look me up on facebook at  - I hope everyone stays warm and cozy if your in the state of KY!

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